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Apr 20, 2010


Home based form filling work, Form filling without investment, Online job without investment, Data entry with no upfront


               Form filling workers are needed in bulk amount. You have to fill the form within the required period. We are giving $1 per form to be filled. Individual seat also available with us. An individual can get 1500 forms for a month. Payment will be provided on monthly basis. We are giving this job since 2005.

              Only limited seat is available. So interested persons contact soon.

Mail id:

Apr 19, 2010


Online jobs without investment, Home based jobs without investment, Data entry without investment, Part time jobs, Home based jobs

                We are giving just typing jobs which will be suited for students, House wives, Part time workers, Retired persons etc. You can earn Rs. 30,000/- per month just spending 1-2 hours a day. Your earning potential
is completely depends upon your work. No limitation in payment.

For more details, visit here

Apr 15, 2010


Online ad posting job without investment, Online job with no upfront, Data entry work without investment, Home based jobs without investment, Home based data entry


           Ad posters jobs are available with us. You have to post ads in several classifieds. Just copy paste work. We will provide the classified sites and you can search in google also. Data entry operators are also needed. You must have a typing speed of 35 words per minute. We are providing various programmes also. Only serious workers are needed so others don't waste your time here.
          We are in need of only limited number of persons. Interested persons mail me with your details as soon as possible.

Email id:

Apr 14, 2010


Data entry, Online job without investment, Data entry without investment, Home based jobs, Home based work without investment, Home based data entry without investment

     Z.M. Karbhari

          We are having image to word conversion job. Your job is : you have to convert the image file to word file. Just entering the data into word file. Approximately per page has 3000 characters and you will be provided with 50,000 pages. The main advantage is your work will not be taken for QC report. So your job is simple.
          Interested persons can leave your comment  here regarding the  price details  per page and the days you required to complete the work.

Apr 13, 2010


 Home based job, Online job without investment, Form filling, Form filling without investment, Data entry without investment, Offline form filling


             Automobile form filling work is available for both individual and team. The work is mainly on offline. Your job is, you have to convert the form into excel format. The company will provide the form .A individual can have a hope to earn Rs. 30,000/- per month. No internet connection is required. You can download the project and work from your home.
              Interested persons can contact.
Phone no: 9894576782
Email id:

Apr 7, 2010


        Home based data entry, Data entry, Data entry without investment, Online earnings, BPO projects, Genuine Data entry work, Data entry work


    You have to convert PDF format into Ms-word format. Both single and bulk seaters are needed. You can earn between Rs. 11,000 to Rs. 33,000 depending on the plans. Payment is based on page wise i.e the payment depends upon your work. If you are given 100 pages to do and if you give only 40 pages that passes QC verification, you will get payment for 40 pages only.
       Earning between  50,000 to 1 lakhs is not possible in genuine Data entry work. Try one time with us, you will feel better. Feel free to contact.

Phone no: 9003626561
Email id:

Apr 4, 2010


       If you came here probing for a good web hosting, I need not tell you the importance of web hosting for the success of your website. There is no dearth of web hosting providers in the market but finding a reliable one is not an easy task. Further, making the right choice in the first attempt is important as changing your web hosting provider is the last thing you would like to do. This article intends to help you select a good web hosting for your website.
The recommended Hosting sites are,
1. Hostgator
2. Bluehost
3. Justhost

Mar 26, 2010


    The N-Viro uses its own technology to sanitize the municipal bio solids and organic waste products.  Their technology involves in the mixing of bio solids with specific alkaline waste products. The technology  has been licensed throughout the United states and worldwide with awesome success. Their green technology uses a unique concept of transforming waste products to renewable energy. They performed a recent research in the Michigan State University coal-fired power plant with two opportunity  fuels, one from bio solids and the other from manure. The fuels performed well compared to clean coal when they are blended with eastern Ohio coal.
 1. Soil 
 2. Bioblend
 3. Biodry
 4. Fuel
     The advantage of the N-Viro is they are converting waste to energy i.e alternative energy. 

Mar 24, 2010

RAPID WORKERS is a full service, professional job networking site, designed to meet all of your sales, marketing, and outsourcing needs.

We cater to both the worker seeking online employment, and the online entrepreneur, seeking to improve their online presence, and revenue. has a solution to meet your demands.

Our website is located on a dedicated server, available 24/7. We are a global service, employing people from all over the world, to provide marketing solutions to our growing list of available employers. Upon entering the site, employers and those seeking to employ them are brought together on level ground..


Once your account is set up, your ready to get started! Workers have the advantage of signing up for their free account, and getting one of our many available jobs. Such jobs include: Twitter and Facebook networking, blog posting for employers, website reviews, providing answers on Yahoo, providing back-linking services, publishing ads in online classifieds, and many more available jobs. Our site updates constantly, so be sure to check in frequently throughout the day, to make sure you get the job before your competitors do! (Jobs are always available. We suggest checking in so you get your preferred job)

There are many job finding networks out there that offer you jobs. The problem is, similar sites don't offer you any real help with the tools you need to complete your online “campaigns”. You have to apply for the job, then when you get the job, your expected to source out all of your materials such as: profile images, article templates, avatars, proxy servers, and link cloaking services. For those of you just starting – Yes, you do need all of these things! For those who have been there before, you know how frustrating this can be. We seek to make the process as effortless as possible. Why? Because if you aren't working at pleasing our employers, nobody wins! wants you focusing on your “campaigns” for your employers, not clicking all over the internet looking for suitable materials to get your projects completed quickly. Not to mention downloading questionable content, from unknown sources can mean viruses. We have everything you will ever need to get your jobs done. We also offer online support, in case you have any questions. Something else worth mentioning: Our site is PayPal approved, so if your wondering how you will be paid, for all of the projects you will be completing for our employers – You can rest assured, when the work is completed, to the employer's satisfaction, you will be paid!

Each and every employer who advertises their campaign(s), is required to be very specific in their expectations of you, as an employee. This is required to ensure they get what they are paying for. Just as important, we want you to be exactly sure what is expected of you, as an employee, so you can get paid for your efforts. So relax, sign up, and start earning.

We are here, so you can be successful, and take the worry out of working for some stranger on the other side of a computer – that may, or may not pay you! As soon as your work is approved, you accept payment. Its easy!


For employers - provides a one stop shop for all your web marketing needs. As mentioned earlier, we bring workers from all over the globe, to ensure YOU the best selection and price possible. Your able to post your desired needs in our “campaigns” section, where the people looking for work will see your ad. When posting your ad, we insist that you leave detailed expectations, as your expectations represent the completion of each campaign. They are a part of a binding contract between you, and your prospective employee. Your essentially telling them what needs to be completed, and what you expect from them as proof of their completed “campaign”. Low cost marketing and publicity, doesn't have to mean you need to compromise quality. With this system, both sides are ensured satisfaction.

The objective is for you to minimize costs, while growing your business. The beauty of our system is its simplicity. Your coming to us to automate your marketing project, so that you can focus on scaling up your money making efforts, while not worrying about search engine optimization, or generating traffic to your sales pages and websites.

The employees have everything they will need to complete your projects. A few services our employees can offer you are: Submitting your site to popular search engines, article submission, back-linking services, blog commenting, forum posting, networking on Twitter and Facebook, creating and answering questions on Yahoo Answers, “Digg”ing your websites and blogs, and so much more!

If you can think of a job, or task you need done –, and its workers can make it happen for you. The great advantage here is that no job is too big, or too small. You simply set your terms, the proof you require before you will pay for the “campaign”, and how much you will pay for each task. EASY!

The proof of a completed campaign is important to us, as we know it is important for you. Workers who attempt to fake their work, or take shortcuts, will be banned immediately, with no chance of rehire. Rapidworkers will not tolerate any such practice, as it is no different than stealing. That's why YOU set the terms, and the worker chooses to accept, or not. Both sides have a fair opportunity to agree.

To summarize: We believe in bringing the employer together with the employee, at an equal opportunity website. By removing the middle man, as most recruiting services are – We can effectively make sure employers get low cost publicity and marketing for your online ventures. For the employee we can provide a safe, and secure environment for you to find meaningful, online employment – On a PayPal approved website

I'm sure everyone can imagine the standards that the largest payment processing website online expects their potential vendors to meet. We are a group of compassionate, regular folks who seek to help make it easier for all of you, to achieve your dreams, without worry. Life is too short to worry about the little things. will eliminate those “little things” and help bring LIFE to you!

Mar 23, 2010


Paid surveys,  Free paid surveys,  Online survey,  Survey site,  Survey info, Get paid to Survey

         Below you can see the proven legit Paid to survey sites. They are all leading Paying companies. Your first work is,  you have to choose the best site which suits your location. Then you can easily earn from those sites just by doing simple surveys. The surveys will be mostly on the basis of your interest which are asked while registering. If you are new to Paid to Survey system you can visit Paid survey info and tips

1. Click Iq (USA).
2. E-poll (USA)
3. Harris poll online (INT)
4. Opinion site (INT)
5. Survey savvy (INT)
6. Test spin (INT)

Mar 21, 2010


Home based part time Jobs, Data entry, Form Filling, Online jobs, Data Entry without investment, Home based Jobs
       Optimuz Technologies

    We are providing project outsourcing for bulk and individuals. You can do the work from home. You should have the knowledge of computer basics and typing skill. For bulk project minimum 10 seats are required. There is no need of net connection. Just typing work. Finish the project with high accuracy. The payment depends upon your accuracy. If you give 99% accuracy you can earn handsome amount.
     The rate  per page will be Rs.35/-. But you can get more if you can give successive high accuracy. Give accuracy and get the payment.
Interested persons can contact.

Phone no: 9489580580

Mar 20, 2010


 Data entry, Free Data entry, Online jobs, Home Based Jobs, Part time jobs, Without investment, Online earnings, Free Online Jobs

             ;Freelance Jobs

 You might invested money for doing online jobs. But the FREELANCER is a different kind of site which offers work by bidding. While registering in that site you are asked for your area of interest in which you are going to do projects. After that you have to visit the site daily for your job.
     The best thing is , your chance of taking the projects depends on you. You are asked to bid the price range and the days you will take to complete that work. By analyzing all the bids they will give work.  If you bid low amount and the days taken to complete the work, You will definitely get  the job and you can earn from

Click here to register.

Mar 19, 2010


Get paid to view you tube videos. You can earn money by just viewing videos from you tube. You can also earn by referring your friends. Payments are processed daily through PAYPAL. Nothing extra you are going to work. Just doing the regular entertainment but with extra money.

Payment plan: 
1. $0.005 per video you personally view
2. $0.10 for posting comment
3. $0.35 for each referral you make
4. $0.001 per video your referrals view
5. $0.01 per comments your referrals post
6. $0.10 for each subscription your referrals make  

The minimum payout is $10.

Click here to apply.

Mar 18, 2010


        If you are expecting more income through online go to digital point forum. In the forums you can meet the SEO experts, marketers, and many more. First you have to gain knowledge from those experts. If you do well they will give  
work to you. 
         In the forum go to Buy/sell/trade option. In this section you can see peoples are waiting to sell, buy, ready to give content for your site. I'm currently earning by advertising their site in my sites. You can also get money for just answering the questions. The rate will be between $1 to $5 and it depends upon your uniqueness of answer. You can finish the jobs in just 5 to 10 minutes. 
         The Buy/sell/trade section can offer you handsome money. But it depends upon , what you can do and what you can offer. There are always people running contests for banner creations and i won $50. 

Ways you can earn in Digital point forum:   
1. Selling your site or domain name
2. Providing advertisements. 
3. Writing articles or producing contents. 
4. Posting on forums.
5. Offering SEO services. 
6. Sell templates for sites or blogs.
7. Providing traffic. 


       Neobux is the best and legit Paid to click site. Many PTC sites gives more than 20 ads per day but soon they shut down their system. But Neobux gives 4 + ads per day. Not like others, they are innovative in satisfying both users and advertisers. 
Earn upto $0.02 per click
Earn upto $0.02 per referral click

Minimum payout is $2. Reaching this won't take too long. You can transfer your amount either to PAYPAL or ALERTPAY.

       Variety of packages is available for advertisers. You can choose yours best. Any one can see your ads but the clicks are counted only when registered users clicks it. You can also set the time for registered users to view your ad. 
 1. Enhanced anti-cheating protection
 2.Demographic filter
 3.You can view the full statistic of your ad.

Mar 17, 2010



If you can work at night from your home you can eligible for this job. Its an online data entry project & the work timing is 10.00 pm to 7.00 am. No need to be an expert in data entry. Just you should have a typing skill of 30 words per minute and basic computer knowledge.
Payments will be processed on every week to your bank account.

If anybody interested please leave your mail id in the comments with your,

 Name, city, current work



Our's is a chennai based project outsourcing company. We are providing projects like data entry & form filling. If you can able to give a accuracy of 90.1% to 100% for successive three months you will get double the payment.
You will get Rs. 50 /per page for data entry and Rs. 25/form for form filling.
If your accuracy is good you will get Rs.100/per page.

For more information please go to .

Interested persons contact me.
Phone no: 9094007431 / 9710681342
Office no: 044-25651020
Email id:

Mar 11, 2010


The work is: you have to convert the image file to Ms-word file. Typing skill is not required because it is an offline job. Each image conversion cost Rs. 10 and hardly you will get 250 images. You have to finish the job within 10 days. The project will be sent  through mail.
The only thing we are expecting is accuracy , 99% and above. You can get 500 to 600 image work for 30 days. The payment will be processed every 10th of the month.

Interested persons contact.

Email id:


     Genius infosys

Hi guys projects  like manual typing & captcha entry work is available. Captcha entry: typing the provided image correctly. Main thing is that you have to type the image correctly. If you are expert in this work you can earn a hand some money from your home as a part time. The payment will be processed directly to your on every weekend.
We are experienced in project outsourcing.

Interested candidate can contact me.

Phone no: 9883929986
Email id:  

Mar 10, 2010



 If you are searching for home based jobs data entry will be your answer. This project is mainly for students and house wifes. Your work is: you have to type manually or  copy paste. We are providing outsourcing for more than two years. All we are expecting from you is just typing skill.
For more details about this project please contact.

Phone no: 9994565431
Email id:

Mar 9, 2010


Get paid to open your mail. Rupee mail is one of the emerging paid to read system.RUPEE MAIL is easily distiguishable from spam.Only legitimate companies are allowed to send advertisements.You can earn handsome amount for your spendings and you can withdraw it any time. The  Payment is processed through cheque.

 You can receive advertisements depending upon your interested products or services. The main advantage of this system is it has affiliate program.You can even earn for refering your friends. Earn Rs 2.00 for each refferals and Rs 0.25 for each mail.
Click here to register.

Mar 8, 2010


A get paid to read email system. You can earn a handsome money by reading email. You are going to do your regular work but with extra earning. Earn more by referring your friends. Because you can also get some money what your friends are earning. You mint is one of the growing paid legit site.

The other benefits to join this system are: Send free message to any where inside INDIA., You are having a chance of winning monthly prizes like i-pod.,Get paid to refer your friends.,
You can get your money as cash or flight ticket or talk time. It depends upon your wish.
Your earning depends upon your affiliate program work. Its not a big problem for a person having large no. of friends circle.
Join You-mint and free your phone bill.

Mar 7, 2010


One of the legit system to earn money online is surveying. Lot of companies are expecting the opinion of the peoples to develop them & also their products. Among them A.W.Surveys is one of the best. The job is simple : you have to tell your opinion after viewing a website. For each survey you will get $4 and a monthly cash prize worth $500. You can withdraw your cash after reaching a threshold of $75. Reaching the threshold is not a big deal in a.w.surveys.

You will get a signup bonus of $6 in your wallet.

The best thing about the site you are having affiliate program. You can get $1.25 for refering each friend.
You can get your payment through paypal.

Mar 6, 2010


Have mobile phone? If yes you can earn through your mobile by receiving sms. Just register
at M ginger & receive paid sms. You will receive maximum of 10 ads per day & it depends on your interest. You can refer more friends to get more payment. You will get 20 paise / sms and 10 paise for first level referring and 5 paise for second level.
Accumulate Rs.300 and claim your check.

Other benefits in joining m ginger are,

1.Be informed on various events, deals & discounts at your city.
2.Send unlimited sms to your friends.
3.Download coupons on your mobile.
4.Download free mobile games.

Mar 4, 2010



We are giving genuine outsourcing BPO projects like 1. Automobile insurance form filling
2. Data conversion & 3. Outbound process. Any details regarding these works?
Go to the website

Interested centers can contact .

Phone no: 9742277121
Email id:

Mar 3, 2010



I'm giving outsourcing for captcha entry work.The server will be its maximum speed in the morning. Individuals or team workers who can type 5k(5000) per day per system can do this.$0.80 for 1000 entries. Minimum payout is $5 dollar and it is transfered to your paypal account if you want immediate transaction.

Go to the site for free paypal account

Interested guys can contact me.

Email id:

Mar 2, 2010



Legit data conversion project from skilled data entry operators. We are in this field for more than 4 years. fascinated persons can earn more than 15,000. The accuracy should be between 75% to 100%.We are giving project to single system also. The person who works sincerely can easily do this job and according to your work perfection you can earn little more.
Interested persons can contact,

Email id:

While contacting please send your name, work experience, ability, place. You will be
Contacted within 24 hours.

Mar 1, 2010


In today’s financial disaster Business owners are not able to get sufficient funds for their company. unsecured business loan offers fund to your business needs. The company assist clients to get through the bank demand and underwrite process by
Directing you to the best available lenders. They will guide you through the entire process to get the sufficient fund for your company.
 unsecured business loans ranges from $50,000 to $750,000. If you are seeking loan lower than $50,000 you can go for SBA loan of either $25,000 to $35,000.  Business loan starts at $25,000 for fresh business and $35,000 for on hand business.
Get unsecured small business loan before your credits gets damaged.
Qualifications to get Unsecured businesss loan:
  1. Your credit score must be at least 680
  2. You should been in business at least 2+ years
  3. No new disparaging marks on your credit
Getting loan is a easy process. Just fill up the two pages & you will be qualified for either chance you will be contacted by phone directly by the lender. The reasons why you should get this loan is you can grow your business, purchase equipment for your company, get working assets, increase your business advertising, combine dept.

Feb 27, 2010


The publishers & the bloggers are in great need to search a good alternate to Google adsense.
Because their minimum payout is $100.A smaller blogger takes a year to reach this amount.
Moreover Google will ban your account due to fraud click & for not following their guidelines.
There are several other Ad programs that work like Google adsense.

1. Bidvertiser: Its one of the best Ad sense alternative.They work with paypal and their minimum
payout is $10. Comparing to Ad sense it's user friendly.Click here to apply

2.Adbrite: Adbrite has flexible terms and conditions.They offer several ad formats including
inline texts and full page text. You can set your own advertising rates, approve or reject ads purchased on your site. Click here to apply

3. Adtoll: It pays by paypal, cheque, and bank transfer. Abtoll allows you to advertise your
website from your earnings. Click here to apply - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!

Feb 26, 2010


This is a list of the PTC sites we do not suggest signing up for.

The reasons for a site being added to our scam list. Just a few examples

1. owned by well-known scammers including but not limited to gptnetworks, maderite, kim ballard, samantha shepherd.

2. complaints from members, like non payment, account deletion,

3. paying only to upgraded members not to standard members

4. Changing paying sites to adonly sites.

All sites on free hosts should be avoided, if they cannot afford a paid host they cannot afford to pay you!! As they have not scammed anyone yet, these sites will not be added to the scam list.
































Form filling work is available for single or bulk workers.We are providing 2000 forms per system
and Rs.10 for each form.The duration to complete the work is 22. We then verify your work and
you get your payments after 10 days of Q.C report.

Feel free or interested persons can contact

Phone no: 044-42011960
Email id:


Mr.Surendra kumar

We will provide you the work and you can earn from working in home. Its a data entry project.
You should have a good knowledge in MS-word & should have a good typing speed.The earning is based on per page entry. We will directly deposit the amount in your account.

Interested persons contact me.

Phone no: 9716922309
Email id:

Feb 23, 2010



Hai guys we are offering non investment jobs like Ad posting and Captcha entry.Minimum of 5 seater is needed for both job.No single seat is available. $1.5 to $2 for captcha entry work
and Rs.5 INR for 5 ad posting.
Very urgent please contact me immediately.

Email id:


From Five Star credit card processing solutions, you can get about some key changes for your business. Our professional and knowledgeable experts will help you according to your business type like small or large. No matter what type of trade you own, we can help you increase your profits by reducing your credit card processing fees and by increasing your sales. After all, customers are more likely to make purchases from your website if you are able to accept credit cards for payment.

You can see the sudden change in the profit soon.

If you are doing business for long time, you might be upset by the amount of money you are losing each month and year because of transaction fees. At Five Star Merchant Providers, we are certain we can help you reduce those fees so you can put more money back into your business where it belongs!

The benefits for u when joining us

1. Customer service

2. Trained staffs

3. Credit card processing service

We are having different kinds of processing accounts according to your account. You can

Choose the best one for you. Click here to apply

Feb 16, 2010

Form filling / xml / html Projects available

We are offering 1.xml tagging 2.html tagging3.captcha entry 4.form filling entry.
This is a leading out sourcing company.We are offering projects to both large scale and small scale industries.We are also offering city/area dealer opportunities. Who are all interested can

Phone: 9543323123
email :