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Mar 24, 2010

RAPID WORKERS is a full service, professional job networking site, designed to meet all of your sales, marketing, and outsourcing needs.

We cater to both the worker seeking online employment, and the online entrepreneur, seeking to improve their online presence, and revenue. has a solution to meet your demands.

Our website is located on a dedicated server, available 24/7. We are a global service, employing people from all over the world, to provide marketing solutions to our growing list of available employers. Upon entering the site, employers and those seeking to employ them are brought together on level ground..


Once your account is set up, your ready to get started! Workers have the advantage of signing up for their free account, and getting one of our many available jobs. Such jobs include: Twitter and Facebook networking, blog posting for employers, website reviews, providing answers on Yahoo, providing back-linking services, publishing ads in online classifieds, and many more available jobs. Our site updates constantly, so be sure to check in frequently throughout the day, to make sure you get the job before your competitors do! (Jobs are always available. We suggest checking in so you get your preferred job)

There are many job finding networks out there that offer you jobs. The problem is, similar sites don't offer you any real help with the tools you need to complete your online “campaigns”. You have to apply for the job, then when you get the job, your expected to source out all of your materials such as: profile images, article templates, avatars, proxy servers, and link cloaking services. For those of you just starting – Yes, you do need all of these things! For those who have been there before, you know how frustrating this can be. We seek to make the process as effortless as possible. Why? Because if you aren't working at pleasing our employers, nobody wins! wants you focusing on your “campaigns” for your employers, not clicking all over the internet looking for suitable materials to get your projects completed quickly. Not to mention downloading questionable content, from unknown sources can mean viruses. We have everything you will ever need to get your jobs done. We also offer online support, in case you have any questions. Something else worth mentioning: Our site is PayPal approved, so if your wondering how you will be paid, for all of the projects you will be completing for our employers – You can rest assured, when the work is completed, to the employer's satisfaction, you will be paid!

Each and every employer who advertises their campaign(s), is required to be very specific in their expectations of you, as an employee. This is required to ensure they get what they are paying for. Just as important, we want you to be exactly sure what is expected of you, as an employee, so you can get paid for your efforts. So relax, sign up, and start earning.

We are here, so you can be successful, and take the worry out of working for some stranger on the other side of a computer – that may, or may not pay you! As soon as your work is approved, you accept payment. Its easy!


For employers - provides a one stop shop for all your web marketing needs. As mentioned earlier, we bring workers from all over the globe, to ensure YOU the best selection and price possible. Your able to post your desired needs in our “campaigns” section, where the people looking for work will see your ad. When posting your ad, we insist that you leave detailed expectations, as your expectations represent the completion of each campaign. They are a part of a binding contract between you, and your prospective employee. Your essentially telling them what needs to be completed, and what you expect from them as proof of their completed “campaign”. Low cost marketing and publicity, doesn't have to mean you need to compromise quality. With this system, both sides are ensured satisfaction.

The objective is for you to minimize costs, while growing your business. The beauty of our system is its simplicity. Your coming to us to automate your marketing project, so that you can focus on scaling up your money making efforts, while not worrying about search engine optimization, or generating traffic to your sales pages and websites.

The employees have everything they will need to complete your projects. A few services our employees can offer you are: Submitting your site to popular search engines, article submission, back-linking services, blog commenting, forum posting, networking on Twitter and Facebook, creating and answering questions on Yahoo Answers, “Digg”ing your websites and blogs, and so much more!

If you can think of a job, or task you need done –, and its workers can make it happen for you. The great advantage here is that no job is too big, or too small. You simply set your terms, the proof you require before you will pay for the “campaign”, and how much you will pay for each task. EASY!

The proof of a completed campaign is important to us, as we know it is important for you. Workers who attempt to fake their work, or take shortcuts, will be banned immediately, with no chance of rehire. Rapidworkers will not tolerate any such practice, as it is no different than stealing. That's why YOU set the terms, and the worker chooses to accept, or not. Both sides have a fair opportunity to agree.

To summarize: We believe in bringing the employer together with the employee, at an equal opportunity website. By removing the middle man, as most recruiting services are – We can effectively make sure employers get low cost publicity and marketing for your online ventures. For the employee we can provide a safe, and secure environment for you to find meaningful, online employment – On a PayPal approved website

I'm sure everyone can imagine the standards that the largest payment processing website online expects their potential vendors to meet. We are a group of compassionate, regular folks who seek to help make it easier for all of you, to achieve your dreams, without worry. Life is too short to worry about the little things. will eliminate those “little things” and help bring LIFE to you!

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