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Feb 27, 2010


The publishers & the bloggers are in great need to search a good alternate to Google adsense.
Because their minimum payout is $100.A smaller blogger takes a year to reach this amount.
Moreover Google will ban your account due to fraud click & for not following their guidelines.
There are several other Ad programs that work like Google adsense.

1. Bidvertiser: Its one of the best Ad sense alternative.They work with paypal and their minimum
payout is $10. Comparing to Ad sense it's user friendly.Click here to apply

2.Adbrite: Adbrite has flexible terms and conditions.They offer several ad formats including
inline texts and full page text. You can set your own advertising rates, approve or reject ads purchased on your site. Click here to apply

3. Adtoll: It pays by paypal, cheque, and bank transfer. Abtoll allows you to advertise your
website from your earnings. Click here to apply - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!

Feb 26, 2010


This is a list of the PTC sites we do not suggest signing up for.

The reasons for a site being added to our scam list. Just a few examples

1. owned by well-known scammers including but not limited to gptnetworks, maderite, kim ballard, samantha shepherd.

2. complaints from members, like non payment, account deletion,

3. paying only to upgraded members not to standard members

4. Changing paying sites to adonly sites.

All sites on free hosts should be avoided, if they cannot afford a paid host they cannot afford to pay you!! As they have not scammed anyone yet, these sites will not be added to the scam list.
































Form filling work is available for single or bulk workers.We are providing 2000 forms per system
and Rs.10 for each form.The duration to complete the work is 22. We then verify your work and
you get your payments after 10 days of Q.C report.

Feel free or interested persons can contact

Phone no: 044-42011960
Email id:


Mr.Surendra kumar

We will provide you the work and you can earn from working in home. Its a data entry project.
You should have a good knowledge in MS-word & should have a good typing speed.The earning is based on per page entry. We will directly deposit the amount in your account.

Interested persons contact me.

Phone no: 9716922309
Email id:

Feb 23, 2010



Hai guys we are offering non investment jobs like Ad posting and Captcha entry.Minimum of 5 seater is needed for both job.No single seat is available. $1.5 to $2 for captcha entry work
and Rs.5 INR for 5 ad posting.
Very urgent please contact me immediately.

Email id:


From Five Star credit card processing solutions, you can get about some key changes for your business. Our professional and knowledgeable experts will help you according to your business type like small or large. No matter what type of trade you own, we can help you increase your profits by reducing your credit card processing fees and by increasing your sales. After all, customers are more likely to make purchases from your website if you are able to accept credit cards for payment.

You can see the sudden change in the profit soon.

If you are doing business for long time, you might be upset by the amount of money you are losing each month and year because of transaction fees. At Five Star Merchant Providers, we are certain we can help you reduce those fees so you can put more money back into your business where it belongs!

The benefits for u when joining us

1. Customer service

2. Trained staffs

3. Credit card processing service

We are having different kinds of processing accounts according to your account. You can

Choose the best one for you. Click here to apply

Feb 16, 2010

Form filling / xml / html Projects available

We are offering 1.xml tagging 2.html tagging3.captcha entry 4.form filling entry.
This is a leading out sourcing company.We are offering projects to both large scale and small scale industries.We are also offering city/area dealer opportunities. Who are all interested can

Phone: 9543323123
email :


You can work offline by getting the job.The company will directly contact u about
the project.You can earn handsome money by working as part time.
Please see the website
You can see sample & demo work and also payment proof.Those who interested cam SMS me or mail me
Phone no:+91-0-9740084929
Email id:


Imran khan

Online captcha entry work.Team of min 5 members is needed.You can earn 300-400 daily.
No upfront is needed.Payment is given on weekly basis.$1 for 1000 entries.24 hours fast
server.You can work on long term basis but no individual.Any one who is interested
can contact
Imran khan : +91 9842544348

Feb 15, 2010


If anyone was asked to name a single method that marketers use to make a
surefire rapid income on the Internet, then most of them would give you the same
answer – “affiliate marketing”. Though there are dozens of home business models
on the Internet, it is quite safe to say that affiliate marketing must rank within the
top three, or maybe even at the top of the heap.
Basically, the affiliate marketing model means to promote someone’s product
over the Internet. You are helping them with their advertising and are getting
paid a commission for that.
You can start by making an account on an affiliate network such as the Hydra
Network This is a place where advertisers
post their advertising requirements. When you are a part of this network, you can
choose the products you want to promote. These are products of people within
the network.
Once you are done with that, you will need an affiliate marketing service to
promote the products you have chosen on the Internet. The best in this category
is Google AdWords You merely have to start a
campaign here, mentioning the product you want to promote and give the URL
that you are advertising. AdWords will automatically search for the right website
matches for the product and will advertise on them.
The payment is fantastic. You get paid for every click that your ad gets. This is
known as Pay Per Click (PPC). However, there are some affiliate networking sites,
such as the Hydra Network we have mentioned here, that pay only when a sale is
done. In that case, it becomes a Pay Per Sale (PPS) affiliate service.


Everyone knows what brokering means in the real world; on the Internet it
means the same thing. Essentially, you don’t have a product of your own here,
but you have a product that belongs to someone else which you promote. You find
customers for it and you get paid commission for effectuating the sale. The seller
pays you the commission, which could be moderated through a site.
There are many ways in which brokering happens. The commonest route is
through the middleperson approach. You don’t own the product, but you just
promote it and bring about the sale. Usually, when you are the middleperson, you
earn commissions from the buyer and the seller both. But the main thing is that
the sale has to work out to the very end. It has to close. Failed sales don’t pay you
anything for your efforts.
The joint venture partner brokering is another subset within this main theme.
Here you bring about joint venture collaborations between different marketers.
These collaborations are the spine of most online businesses. People come
together to make up for what they lack. If you become instrumental in getting the
right people to partner with each other, there are various ways in which you can
benefit. You can get paid for your services or you can actually get a share of the
business that is to happen.
Another type of brokering is service brokering. Here you find the right service
people to carry out particular services for people who need them. You could find
them through online freelance sites or you could approach some people directly.
Here are some sites where you could learn more about brokering and even join
into the opportunities.
® Joint Venture Broker


Many people says that working with PTC is waste of time & they are scam.Ya this is true but still there are lots of sites are there which are really paying.We have to explore it.I did a lot of study in it & now I’m posting few sites which are really paying.

$0.01/click min payout=$10 40+ads daily

$0.01/click min payout=$2 5 ads daily

$0.01/click min payout=$5 20 ads daily

$0.01/click min payout=$2 5 ads daily

$0.01/click min payout=$10 30+ads daily

Keep watching this site.i'll update more paying sites soon.


Paid to read and paid to click programs, otherwise known as PTR/PTC are legitimate online scheme that are now proliferating on cyberspace. This method is employed by many internet companies in their advertising campaigns. These companies pay people for reading emails. They pay you when you click a link in the email and visit the site that they are advertising, usually for a set amount of time. Others offer payment for surfing, clicking links, banner or just for joining or subscribing to a program. They also give additional money when you get other people to join under your link.

Some people say, it's not worth they time. "Yes they pay, but for a measly sum.. and it takes so much time and effort before you receive your check".

About two years ago, I joined some of these PTRE companies and started reading emails and clicking links hoping that I can earn some amount for my gas. I earned a few bucks after six months and I am tempted to stop. But I realized that I only did one part of the system. I never advertise and tell anyone about it... and that's the reason why I never accumulate my earnings.

The secret to making money on PTR/PTC is to build a network of members under your name. You see, these companies give additional bonus if those people under you read their emails. And that's where the real buck is. Imagine, if you have 10 people under you and those 10 recruited 10 each, you will then be entitled to some amount everytime those 110 people click their emails. The good thing is that most of these PTR/PTC pay up to 5 levels of your downline.

But certainly, you will not accumulate thousands of dollars reading emails and clicking banners. But if you have the habit of sitting in front of the computer daily, maybe, you might as well give this a try. Spending an hour opening your inbox will not harm you anyway. And sometimes, you can really find good offers and products that you do not find in your usual surfing cruise.

May I just give you a few tips in case you are tempted to join a few of these PTR programs. Before joining any program, it is important that you read exactly their offers. What you should look carefully are the following:

  • Payout Scheme: it is advisable to pick those that give low and reasonable payouts;

  • Mode of Payment: usually, most PTR/PC pay in check but others also offer payment through e-gold, paypal or stormpay. Select what will be the most convenient on your situation;

  • Pay rates: The range is usually from 1 cent to 10 cents, but others also give special rates for special click options and pay to join program;

  • Sign-up Bonus: Usually, it's better to pick those that offer lower sign-up bonus. Those that give $50, $100 will put you waiting because, their payout will also be much higher.

There is one last thing: Joining too many PTRE programs may clutter your mailbox. For starters, it is advisable to pick at least 10. Make sure that these programs also give you some freedom to choose the type and categories of product ads that you wish to receive. That way, you can also have some enjoyment of viewing the offers.

Feb 13, 2010

An Ebook Internet Marketing Strategy Reveals the Secrets in Having More Traffic

Most internet marketers are so engrossed on how to do internet marketing for their online business but often fail to get what they want because they are using the wrong strategies, that in the end they turn to ebook internet marketing strategy to guide them and bring in the traffic which converts to sales. But they need an ebook internet marketing strategy which can give them the best offer for their money. An excellent ebook internet marketing strategy will make it easy for you to draw visitors to your business site.

It is important to promote your website by placing links to sites that have the same niche. The secret is getting the right source of traffic to get potential buyers of your products and services. This technique will automatically bring you superior results. Pay per click is another method which helps you get targeted traffic the soonest time possible.

The Quality of Articles as an Ebook Internet Marketing Strategy

One of the secrets that the ebook internet marketing strategy will teach you is to write high-quality articles that have something to do with marketing. This helps create an image of reliability and dependability of your product to gain more customers. Numerous sites in the web allows for free posting of articles and all you need to do is look them up.

It is good to collaborate with websites that belong to the same niche as long as they are not direct competitors, as explained in the ebook internet marketing strategy. Owners of this site will accept your proposal as long as it is explained to them in detail and they get a small percentage of your income on traffic coming from them.

The technique of using marketing banners effectively is another thing that you will learn in an ebook internet marketing strategy, to get people to click on the ads. Some websites also offer ad placement and if you think the price is reasonable, you may place your ads there. If you still have doubts, you may use a trial period and observe if the ads help give traffic for your site or not.

Using the ebook internet marketing strategy as your guide assures you of getting more traffic on your website and you may be surprised on the amount of income your website can provide you. The goal of this ebook internet marketing strategy is to teach the marketing basics to obtain target traffic to your online business.

Nevertheless, there are three known and proven techniques which may be used in collaboration with the ebook internet marketing strategy. It involves the use of google adwords campaign, search engine optimization and ezine article submission.


Why I Think To Make Such Website: As many people who comes online to make money or those who recently dipped their feet in online earning and have very little or no money in their pocket.

So first they need to earn money and then think of investment to earn fast. Therefore I created this website to help them how to first earn money with no investment and then invest those earned earning to make money rapidly.

And this is the better plan to earn ever because I am experienced and definitely I earned a lot by applying it.


My Own Money Making Experience

It was the month July 2006 when I was 17 year old and was busy in sending replies to my friends at Orkut (a famous social networking website). Someone scraped in my scrapbook and wrote something about how to make money with surfjunky by simply leaving my computer on.

I was surprised at that time that is it the way to make money online from home? I immediately registered on surfjunky using that link and started working from that instant itself. I was so curious to earn my first earning (at the age of 17).

After leaving my computer for three nonstop days, when I search on Google about surfjunky I found that it's a big scam. But nothing matter, I already dreamed my success to make money. At that time I don't stop and started controlling my frustration.

So, soon I searched on internet for some legitimate online work from home jobs and realized that there is no way to become rich by doing online jobs. Then I started doing some legitimate online "get paid to" jobs. I started working for pennies and soon my PayPal account has around $35 bucks.

Also I started searching on Google that how to make more money. I read some blogs full of tricks. Also I make my own tricks. At that time I was familiar with what are referrals and how they can help to earn more money on various get paid to websites. I started giving answers at yahoo answers and always post my referral link at the end. I also find some forums where I can make referral deals.

In the mean time while I were earning via get paid to websites and finding tricks to earn more, I also learn about financial business instrument. I learn trading from informed That was my good step in making money online. I practice a demo account on forex for four months, as till now I had earned enough of money from get paid to websites. So I can invest my earned money in forex and soon I become master in trading.

My favorite orders were of EURO/USD and GBP/USD. I trade with 0.4~ 0 .6 lot at that time because I was a small trader who trade will less amount of money, so booking order with full one lot was about to reduce my margin and in my trading history I got "margin call" two times. Those were my worst days when within seconds I loosed my whole week earning and again I have to work hard to overcome those losses.

And in the present day I earn enough of money by trading forex and stocks. My website is a backup for me which fetch me around $20 bucks per day so no matters for those days in the past when I loosed money while trading I have a backup so I can take risk. This is all about my money making experience.

Wondering how people make money income online in this scam world

Now this is most important for you, how to identify a scam web. Watch your back before investing any kind of wealth or money.

Almost 99% of the online jobs are scam. jobs like survey and data entry are so famous that it attracts the fraud people, they will give you temptation and get rich soon scheme, unfortunately they pays to no one and bad factor is that these people are becoming rich day by day from the work of innocent people who get nothing other than frustration. that's why many of the people who first thing of earning money and make big dreams with the scam site, never think in the same way after one or two months when they realize the truth.

But don't have to worry; those 1% websites which pays and are not scam are here described on my website ( ). They are fully tested and I am closely inspecting them carefully to avoid the cyber scams. So go through this web and forget of being scammed by the 15 websites that are explained there under 11 different ways to make money online without any investment.


IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE HERE>> you will never earn big money which a website explains because of some per day restriction implied on many of them. Reason is that the honest websites provides only the real opportunities of making online money. Not the fraud one like "get rich soon" and other ponzi schemes which is not possible because there is no one real on the internet.

How to identify a scam website before investing your money or your precious time

Some tricks are provided below:

First trick

By searching on your favorite search engine like Google or yahoo. Type the "site name" followed by the word "scam" or "fraud". For example>> scam when you see the result you will realize the truth. It's a common sense factor to analyze a website before investing your money and time. Those people who were already scammed by the website will surely had written somewhere about their bad experience with that money earning website.

Second trick

Analyze their cashout limit and per day earning. Sometimes when a scam website is newly launched, and fewer people are scammed and they are lazy enough or are too frustrated to write about the fraud or scam website, in such cases search engines will not be able to show you the truth. In such cases, you must use your experience, if their cashout limit is too high above $20 bucks and the temptation is too much then probably the website is a scam.

Third trick

Generally there is a forum or a blog available with an honest website. If there is no forum or a blog then probably the website is one where you will waste your plenty of precious time and only the site owner will become rich, hence never do investment on a website which lacks a forum or a blog. Honest person always loves to clean up the doubt and problems of their users.

Fourth trick

Sometimes a website own a forum but they are near to get bankrupt, in such cases you will always find the people complaining about payment and also there will always be some silly excuses to hear from the forum administrator or from the moderators. If you just join such a website where users are not paid on time or there are less number of members paid per day then never do any kind of investment there either of money or cash or time.

Fifth trick

Discuss with the people. Ask a question about the website on yahoo answer! Or at MyLot or in some other forums which are dedicated to make online money.

By following the above five tricks I guaranteed that you will never fail in making money online without any investment, or you if you wanna make some investment in some money making scheme(which I will never recommend).


BEWARE OF HIGH YIELD INVESTING PROGRAMS (HYIP) >> They are the places where most people are scammed.

Remember this word "HYIP"; you should be miles and miles away from them. They will give you temptation that once you invest money on their program then you will get 10% return over investment for 30 days and you will make 300% or 3 times of what you invest in their so called HYIP programs.

They will make everything real like they will say that they will invest your money on gold and or other financial markets like forex, stock, commodities etc, etc. But just ask yourself a question is that possible?, then why don't bill gates, ambaani, mittal and all big millionaire come and invest in their program and make triple of their capital in every 30 day.???? You will surely get your answer as no.

But there are many people on this earth (the dumbest dumb) who gets trapped in this high yield investing program. Never invest there and you should never have to. Keep your ass miles away from this program. Their payments proof are self created or are done via Photoshop.

Go and learn various financial market opportunities and invest your real money in real market.



First of all you must keep patient, because the websites which really pays will not give you hundred of bucks daily for silly (yup!) get paid to jobs. Online earning from these websites is really slow, slow means there is a huge struggle to earn a single bucks daily.

If you just register on websites and do nothing else than what they offer then I can estimate that your per day earning will never be more than few cents most likely you will never more than 10 - 20 cents per day. That's the truth and you must have to accept that.

But if you make proper strategies or apply the tricks properly and correctly then you can increase your earning slowly slowly up to the extend which you deserve.

Best of luck